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Skövde is located in between the two biggest lakes in Sweden; Lake Vänern and Lake Vättern. Close to the city center is the blooming mountain Billingen with a recreation area, waterfalls, small lakes and several nature reserves. Skövde has a a lot of small shops and several malls where you can enjoy great shopping. The city is filled with culture, entertainment and sports – all year round. And best of all – it’s easy to get here. It takes only an hour from Gothenburg, and two from Stockholm. Welcome to our hometown!

The City

The legend tells us that Skövde became a trading center in the 12th century when the pilgrims came here to honor Sweden’s first female saint S: t Elin, or Helena as she also was called. According to legend Elin was killed on her way back home after a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. At the place where she was killed a spring was born. Both the tomb of Elin and the spring became a destination for pilgrims. With the pilgrims came trading and Skövde became a natural meeting point. Skövde is located in between the two biggest lakes in Sweden; Lake Vänern and Lake Vättern. At the mountain Billingen there is a big recreation area with cross-country ski tracks, walking trails, small fishing lakes and a ski slope. At the mountain you also find the beautiful Vallebygden with green hills, waterfalls, lakes and several nature reserves. Within this area you can also stop by one of the many local artists and craftsmen. Around Skövde you will also find remains from our history with grave fields, medieval churches and unique stone settings. Come here by train. It’s fast, close and green. It takes only one hour from Gothenburg and two hours from Stockholm. You step out of the train in the middle of Skövde city with closeness to a lot of small shops and several big shopping malls. Here you can enjoy a great variety of shopping with over 300 stores. In the evening the city changes into a vibrating town with a great nightlife. All the pubs and nightclubs are within walking distance from each other. Skövde is the perfect place if you are looking for variation. The event calendar tells us that the town is filled with culture, sports and entertainment – all year round. Go watch a musical, go treasure hunting with GPS or visit the coolest aqua park in Sweden! Welcome to our hometown!

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In Skövde, there are more than 1600 beds spread across hotels, hostels and cabins. There is also a number of private rooms for hire.

Do & See

In Skövde there is a lot to experience if you give yourself a little time. Museums, art, nature, everything depends on your interests. Skövde also offers calming activities like spa at Arena Skövde, actionadventures like laserdome and everything in between. You choose!


Would you like to sit down to eat a tasty, locally produced lunch or perhaps homebaked pie while watching the crowds or scenic meadows? In and around Skövde, you can find the small countryside café as well as the bustling city restaurant.


Bars & Nightlife