Journey through Central Europe & Romania

07/02/2023 through 10/09/2024
07/02/2023 through 11/04/2024
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Journey through Central Europe & Romania

Experience the best of this old-world region on a journey through enchanting Central Europe and Romania. Travel to Austria and be immersed in the country’s superb musical heritage and step back in time in the castles of the Czech Republic. Experience Polish traditions while exploring the romantic Old Town of Krakow and get active in Slovakia’s Tatra Mountains. Then Explore Hungary and Romania; from the beautiful Baroque churches of Budapest to the haunted castles of Transylvania. Learn about the failed Turkish invasion of Eger and take a wine cellar tour in the Valley of the Beautiful Women. Become acquainted with traditional Romanian culture and customs in Maramures. Tour the medieval churches of Brasov, dine with a local family on an overnight homestay in Viscri and visit Bucharest’s 12-storey Palace of Parliament. This epic journey through Central Europe and Romania gives a great insight in to that magical part of the world.


  • Vienna – Kaffee und Kuchen Experience
  • Cesky Krumlov – Cycling Trip (weather and season permitting)
  • Wroclaw – Orientation walk
  • Oswiecim – Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum guided tour
  • Tatranska Lomnica – Tatra Mountains Hike (not between Nov and Mar)
  • Tatra Mountains – Hrebienok Funicular
  • Tatra Mountains – Tatranska Lomnica Gondola
  • Eger – Wine Sampling
  • Maramures – Day Tour with Local Guide
  • Maramures – Sapanta Merry Cemetery
  • Maramures – Barsana Monastery
  • Viscri – Local Home Cooked Dinner
  • Viscri – Sock Project
  • Viscri – Fortified Church
  • Bucharest – Walking Tour with Local Guide


  • See the classic Polish cities of Wroclaw and Krakow and feel the emotional wallop of a sobering visit to nearby Auschwitz.
  • Immerse yourself in the history, architecture and bohemian vibes of the Czech Republic. Step right into a fairytale in the World Heritage-listed town of Cesky Krumlov before soaking up the smooth sounds of jazz at a low-lit bar in Prague
  • So much of what is great about Europe can be found in Vienna. Revel in the city’s rich offerings of art, history and music and stroll along the eclectic Ringstrasse
  • Enjoy a scenic walk along the banks of the River Danube in Budapest. Threaded with bridges and hemmed in by castles and historic city buildings, Europe’s second longest river is also one of its most beautiful
  • Hike in the picturesque Tatra Mountains and traverse the steep slopes via funicular, gondola and electric steam train
  • Sample the famous Hungarian ‘bulls blood’ in Eger, the wine that supposedly gave the Hungarian army supernatural strength during their battle against the Ottoman Empire
  • Experience peasant life on a full-day tour through the countryside of Maramures, Romania’s most traditional and colourful region. Don’t be surprised if you see horse-drawn carts along the road
  • Learn spooky stories while travelling through beautiful Transylvania, famous for its medieval fortified churches and as the birthplace of the inspiration for the world’s most famous vampire, Dracula
  • A home-stay with a local family in the Saxon/Roma town of Viscri will expose you to Romanian hospitality and some finger-licking home-cooked grub


Day 1 Vienna
Day 2 Vienna
Day 3 Cesky Krumlov
Day 4 Cesky Krumlov
Day 5 Prague
Day 6 Prague
Day 7 Wroclaw
Day 8 Wroclaw
Day 9 Krakow
Day 10 Krakow
Day 11 Tatra Mountains
Day 12 Tatra Mountains
Day 13 Budapest
Day 14 Budapest
Day 15 Budapest
Day 16 Eger
Day 17 Maramures
Day 18 Maramures
Day 19 Sighisoara
Day 20 Viscri
Day 21 Brasov
Day 22 Brasov
Day 23 Bucharest
Day 24 Bucharest

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