Tamarind House Restaurant & Bar

Cook Islands

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Tamarind House Restaurant & Bar

Tamarind House is situated just a few minutes outside the city centre, in a stunning restored colonial house, where you can enjoy coffee, lunch, or dinner. The restaurant is particularly elegant and internationally well-known for its high-quality local dishes. Make sure to visit Tamarind House at sunset and enjoy the view!

Useful Information

  • Address: Ara Tapu, Avarua District, Cook Islands
  • Email: tamarind@rarorestaurants.com
  • Phone: +682 26487
  • Opening House: www.tamarindrarotonga.com
  • More Info: 06174cd3a03a8fa76094a4b14d7e1c9b71694b36
  • Opening House: https://www.facebook.com/TamarindRarotonga/

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