Old Fashioned


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Old Fashioned

This small, vintage bar offers a cosy atmosphere and great drinks. This is a good place to rewind and hang out with friends.

Bars & Nightlife

As in most Italian cities, even in Ancona the aperitivo has taken over, especially during weekends. But, unlike other cities, it starts quite early – around 18.30 – and it doesn’t last long. After an aperitivo people go to restaurants or pizzerias for dinner. Ancona’s locals say that the city offers a tame nightlife. Usually, they chill-out and chat in bars and restaurants of the city centre until 22.00. Then, they go to the famous discos in Riccione or Rimini (about an hour’s drive away or accessible by train) or to the coastal towns nearby such as Falconara and Senigallia.