Demodé Club


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Demodé Club

A musical and cultural centre, Demodé Club is a spacious venue where you can enjoy concerts from national and international artists, including well-known and newcomers but also a place where to dance your shoes off to music like rock, hip hop, and 90s.

Bars & Nightlife

Aperitivo venues tend to open late, at around 8/9 pm, because in Bari people usually have dinner around 9 pm, and if you arrive earlier you'll probably find a lot of empty seats. People generally eat outside because it’s almost never cold and they like to chill out and chat in Piazza del Ferrarese or along the old walls. They also enjoy visiting the small villages by the sea, such as Trani, Poliniano a Mare, Molfetta, and Bisceglie, for a walk and a drink.