Caffè Borghese


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Caffè Borghese

Caffè Borghese is the ultimate destination, whether you're seeking a delightful bistro for delicious dishes, a welcoming wine bar to enjoy aperitifs with friends, or simply a cosy spot to kickstart your day with a perfect cup of coffee. Situated in the city centre, just a stone's throw from Bari Vecchia and the Garibaldi Garden, this inviting establishment welcomes you to a spacious room adorned with a charming retro-style atmosphere.


Italians are certainly passionate about their coffee and in Bari, you'll find many cosy, mostly family-owned cafés scattered all over the city. When in Bari, try the local pastry called 'pasticciotto' that is filled with creamy custard or the delicious 'bocconotto', a puff pastry stuffed with various fillings.