Caffè Vergnano


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Caffè Vergnano

Caffè Vergnano, a global café chain, boasts a presence in numerous locations worldwide, including three inviting café stores in Bari. Start your day with a tasty breakfast or just pop by for a cup of strong coffee and relax in a young, cosmopolitan, and warm atmosphere. From the menu, you can pick wraps, sandwiches, stuffed omelettes, Genoese cakes (sponge cake), and appetizers to complement your hot beverage.


Italians are certainly passionate about their coffee and in Bari, you'll find many cosy, mostly family-owned cafés scattered all over the city. When in Bari, try the local pastry called 'pasticciotto' that is filled with creamy custard or the delicious 'bocconotto', a puff pastry stuffed with various fillings.