Ai 2 Ghiottoni


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Ai 2 Ghiottoni

Ai 2 Ghiottoni beckons with a sumptuous dining experience boasting a splendid variety of fish, pasta, and meat dishes. Culinary delights extend to an endless array of desserts. Among the recommended choices are the "risotto ai due ghiottoni" featuring spinach, cream, ham, and parmesan cheese, as well as the oven-cooked salted bass fish. To complement your meal, you'll find an excellent selection of local, national, and international wines, ensuring a truly indulgent dining affair.

Useful Information

  • Address: Via Nicolò Putignani, 11, Bari
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  • Phone: +39 080 523 2240
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  • Opening House: Mon–Sat noon–3:30pm / 7pm–11pm; Sun noon–3:30pm
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