Theatre Grande


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Theatre Grande

Brescia’s Teatro Grande is one of the most prestigious theatres in Lombardy – lots of red velvet, gilt and five tiers of boxes, its interior inspired by La Scala in Milan. Construction of the theatre began in 1803. The theatre has comfortable seating so don't forget to book your tickets in time and experience the magic.

Do & See

The Brescia area is particularly well known for its lake landscapes - Lake Garda and Lake Iseo are reachable in less than one hour, and it's recommended to visit them for their atmospheric, breathtaking natural beauty. Here, with old castles emerging from water and greenery, you're likely to see unforgettable views. The center of Brescia also boasts Roman remains, Medieval and Baroque churches, and extensive collections of artworks, preserving the memory of Italy's diverse history and architecture. Moreover, Brescia is a popular destination for children and fun-lovers, near to the huge Gardaland amusement park, and to a refreshing water park for the summer.