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Here at Amarcord you can get one of the best piadinas in town. Piadina is a speciality from middle-eastern Italy and consists of a special flat bread filled with different ingredients, like a wrap or a sandwich. It can either be salty or sweet. Come here for a snack or a fast-food dinner and enjoy the culinary delights you'll meet.


Brescian cuisine is well-known for its authenticity and its richness. Thanks to the city's history and the natural diversity of the surrounding area – rivers, lakes, plains, and mountains – the range of different local produce is huge: meat, fish, cheese, olive oil and of course wines from the famous Franciacorta region. Many of the popular dishes on offer have been eaten since the 15th century, such as grilled meats, rich meat stews, risotto, and polenta. The area north of the historic centre has a number of very cheap trattorie, popular with students and workers.