La Gritta


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La Gritta

Dishes served here all follow the Italian tradition: they're mainly fish-based and joined by cocktails made with champagne and fresh fruit. La Gritta American bar also features a floating terrace, which can be booked for parties and events. It offers a sweeping view of the harbour.

Bars & Nightlife

The nightlife in Portofino is concentrated in and around Piazzetta (Oliveri Square) and Molo Umberto I, where exclusive bars and restaurants offer the charm and uniqueness of a city that has turned into a well known holiday resort. The inviolable ritual of the 'aperitivo' (happy hour) starts at 5/6pm, when Piazzetta buzzes with life and the Italians enjoy a glass of wine or an Aperol Spritz along with an assortment of nibbles that often accompanies the drinks. The party continues at Paraggi Beach during the witching hours, where Covo Nord-Est, an institution of the club scene, attends to their partying guests.