Osteria del Bugiardo


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Osteria del Bugiardo

Settle down with a nice glass of wine, people-watch and enjoy the buzz of the city in old-town Verona. This is a local spot where you can sit for a long time and simply enjoy life. The wine list offers many options including Prosecco and Amarones. It is a very romantic place to bring your loved one.

Bars & Nightlife

People in Verona – and in the northeast of Italy in general – like to meet in osterias (canteen) during the day and drink wine, white from midday till late afternoon and red in the evening. Hence the (false) myth that people in this area are often drunk – in fact, they usually limit themselves to just a glass or two all day and always combine their wine with canapés, salami and other snacks. In the winter and spring, Verona’s night life is rather quiet, and if you want to meet people you will need to visit an osteria or try the clubs and discos. In summer though, things brighten as many people choose to sit outside or walk through the streets of the city centre.