Café Nader


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Café Nader

Café Nader feels like the Mexican version of an American diner. So expect hearty meals such as enfrijoladas, tacos de barbacoa, and parrillada. It is a bit fancier than a regular cafe and therefore a bit more expensive. They serve breakfast, lunch, dinner and is a popular brunch place on Sundays. Café Nader is famous for its sweet bread, which is baked every 30 minutes in front of the customers, and as soon as they are ready, they will let you know by ringing a bell.


Home to some of the best coffee worldwide, Cancún's cafe culture is somewhat different from that in most countries. Most people prefer to take their coffee inside with air conditioning rather than outdoors, and because all bars double as cafes, "European style" street cafes is a relatively new phenomenon but gaining fast in popularity.