Ethnographic Museum in Rzeszow


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Ethnographic Museum in Rzeszow

The Franciszek Kotula Ethnographic Museum - Branch of the Regional Museum in Rzeszow documents all the manifestati ons of life of the old inhabitants of the countryside. The Museum collecti on contains not only agricultural tools and household items, but also women’s and men’s outfi ts worn by Lesioki, Rzeszowiacy and Pogorzanie. Here are numerous exhibits representi ng the former inhabitants of the village. Museum collecti on is enriched with source documents and ritual att ributes. Also, the collecti on of folk instruments, oft en made by country musicians themselves, is of great historical value. The archives of the history of folk culture consti tutes an integral part of the Museum.

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  • Address: ul. Rynek 6, Rzeszów
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  • Phone: +48 17 862 02 17
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  • More Info: Tuesday - Thursday: 9:00-15:30 Friday: 10:00-17:30 Sunday: 10:00-16:00
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