Expo and contemporary Zaragoza


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Expo and contemporary Zaragoza

After the Expo 2008, Zaragoza emerged as an innovative city. The buildings of the expo received important architecture awards such as the Spanish Pavilion, the Pavilion Bridge or the Water tower. The Aquarium is the largest river Aquarium in Europe and one of the biggest in the world.

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Throughout the year, Zaragoza is a hive of cultural activity, hosting festivals such as Asalto, International Urban Art, and Trayectos (contemporary dance). The most important celebration occurs every October, when the city hosts Las Fiestas del Pilar - over 500 cultural and recreational events welcome participants from near and far. The Semana Santa (holy Week) of Zaragoza has more than 700 years of history and was declared of international tourist interest. At any time of the year, visitors can enjoy interesting cultural and architectural sites, as well as leisure activities.